Lyra constellation last night

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Re: Lyra constellation last night

MarioSS wrote:

hha wrote:

MarioSS wrote:

The small constellation of Lyra with the very bright star Vega last night.
Nikon D5600a on Sigma 105mm f/1.4 at f/2.
8 sec x 77 at ISO 400.
No filter.
Unguided Losmandy GM8DD. PA with ASIAIR version 1.
PI and PSCC.
Bortle 9.
Montréal, Québec, 20220624.


Nice lens and lots of stars.

Two days ago I took images of the Lyrae constellation with a 135mm lens, but I posted only a small crop (at full resolution with a D7200) of the Vega and eps10/20. The question I asked was: Do star diffraction patterns distract. Your Sigma 105mm f1.4 at f/2 apparently has sufficiently rounded aperture blades, that Vega does not show a diffraction sunstar, or maybe not in your posted jpeg version.

Why did you down-sample the D5600 24 Mp? At full resolution you should be able to resolve the Ring Nebula (M57). Shown below is the M57 area with my setup. M57 is in the lower left corner. My image almost missed it.

Taken from my Bortle 8 backyard.



Hi hha!

I do not think I have all the answers to your questions. Yes the Sigma 105 Art is a very good lens for astro... at least I am satisfied with the result. I do not post full resolution images because I use the ones posted on Facebook. Here is an unfinished processed cropped screenshot of M57. I will let be the judge of my own result. Remember, Bortle 9, no filter, and 8 sec subs. Feel free to comment.

All the best to you and your family!


Hi: Mario.

Thanks for the screenshot. I rotated and scaled it to approximately match my image. Yes. M57 is resolved with your Sigma 105mm at f/2. Very impressive.

cropped from 4000x6000 D7200, shown at 100%.

My result is without flats or darks or any LP filters. Stock D7200.  The star colors and the color of M57 are a little different.

As regards to Bortle, we are in the same boat. In my backyard it depend which way I am looking and N to E is best. The Lyrae were rising in the E. At f/4 iso200 and 30 seconds, my background with the D7200 was 32/256. Scaled to your f/2 iso400  and 8 sec this would correspond to 64/256 for you conditions. We are within a factor 2. Your background may have been higher.

With a good lens and the 4um pixels of the D5600 and D7200, a lot of detail becomes visible at 100% zoom.

What is the difference between a stock D5600 and your D5600a? Without the filter glass?


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