Art filters on E-M1 Mk III

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Art filters on E-M1 Mk III

Today I was at a local old Florida style beach restaurant. I had with me my E-M1.3. I decided to employ several of the Olympus art filters because the decor cried out for some "special" fun photographic treatment. All looked good and "arty" in the viewfinder and on the rear screen as I shot away.

I went back home and loaded the image files into Lightroom; no JPG files to be found! Only my ORFs and no art filter images. I quickly researched and found that Olympus says we have to set file output to jpg or raw+jpg in order for the art filter images to save to the SD card. 


  1. Have things changed over the years? I'm almost certain that in years past that as soon as I picked an art filter, the camera started generating jpg files, regardless of the file write options. I'm thinking E-P5 here. Of course, my memory could be faulty. 
  2. Why does Olympus not disable the art filters when the camera is not inclined to write such files to the SD card?
  3. Why do the viewfinder and rear LCD show the art filter effects if the camera is not going to write the file?
  4. Will I be able to (painfully and slowly) generate those art images if I take today's ORFs into Olympus Workspace? I'm wondering if there's an indicator in the ORF that an art filter was used.

Of course, lesson learned. Go ahead and embrace raw files but turn on the jpg file write option before trying to become an "Artist."


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