Rotolight Aeos 2 for stills

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Re: Rotolight Aeos 2 for stills

I'm late to this thread, but did you end up getting on? I recently attended one of Jason's workshops and got to shoot with it and the photos I took were outstanding, some of the best photos I've ever taken. Usually when you go to a workshop they're using a fancy light setup that you probably can't or don't want to replicate on your own, so the photos you take aren't ones you could easily take on your own. But all we used was a single Aeos2 on a stand with the defuser, so it was a setup that was easy to do on my own anywhere. The brightness was excellent. I love the WYSIWYG shooting and easy setup, makes shooting so much more fun without having to keep fussing with proper flash settings and placement with trial & error. I've shot with other LEDs before with poor results, but they were never this quality. And most important to me is that you don't need to carry around and set up a modifier. I don't really care about the RGB aspect, so that's just a bonus. Thinking about getting one too, or maybe the Neo3.

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