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Re: OM1 reviewed by Camera Conspiracies

david31 wrote:

The noise on 7Dii is poor in my opinion. The OM-1 claimed 2 stop improvement which seems incredible. I'd like to see R7 vs OM-1 noise comparion.

Serious users go for the 150-400 which is mega expensive, do you need to go to that level or is there a 100-400 that is on the same level of IQ as Canons 100-400is ii?

Sigma 150-600 was way too heavy for me, Sony 200-600 is also very heavy but not at that level.

I agree, the 7D ii is poor for noise but I still held it in high regard as an overall package in the day. 
I am sceptical about the 2 stops based on what I have seen from downloading viewing the raw files as compared with the EM1 3, or EM1 X . To my eye and it’s unscientific, the differences are marginal, and certainly not two stops. 
the best affordable zoom is the  Olympus 100-400 , a good copy will hold its own against the canon 100-400 mkii, however there is copy variation, I rejected my first copy. 
the Olympus 300 mm F4.0 is stellar and can be used with the 1.4 and 2 x extender . This is my first choice for m4/3

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