600mm f/4 FL autofocus stopped working

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Re: 600mm f/4 FL autofocus stopped working

This is an interesting subject for me. I have the same lens (600/4 FL) and the AF stops working now and then. I have learned that by rolling the lens around a few times so that the bajonet moves around, the lens starts working again. I could imagine that it has something to do with oxidized suface of the bajonetpins or other components, as I am using my lens in sea-environment a lot. My own theory is that the bajonet has an issue. AF-issues with these big lenses is often very expensive and the servicecompanies mostly suggest to change the AF-motor although the problem can be easier solved. Rolling the the manual focus has also helped me with my older 500/4 AFS VR lens. Would be nice with a list of good trouble shootingadvice for these situations.

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