Pentax DSLR market share - effect of K-3 III

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Re: Pentax DSLR market share - effect of K-3 III

robgendreau wrote:

iso rivolta wrote:

BCN Ranking published the most recent data for DSLRs sales in Japan for the last two years. I believe it adds online with in-store sales, but probably not all the stores. It's interesting to see the almost doubling of the Pentax market share as K-3 III was released in March 2021. Unexpectedly close to the Nikon level for a short while (due to Nikon falling). Recently it seems the Pentax market share started descending.

Oof. That's only DSLR sales, right? A tiny little bump for the K-3iii, but I had hoped they might gave some share over Canon and Nikon given that those companies are now all in for mirrorless.

But OTOH if Pentax is able to make due with that little corner of the market, that's nice. If it's sustainable.

I think if Canon/Nikon DSLR users weren't heavily invested in their lenses, then maybe. If I were one of them, I'd still be a happy user, C/N going into ML doesn't suddenly make their existing equipment redundant or poor, they both made/make some fantastic DSLR kit. And of course they make adapters to wean over existing users to their ML eco-system.

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