Real Estate Photography image rights

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Re: Real Estate Photography image rights

Yea I agree in that you presumably have given the agent the license to use the photos for marketing a property. You may not have a formal agreement but that’s the basic purpose of real estate photos. If that’s the case then the agent has every right to use them in on a website, in print, or any other form of advertising. If you don’t intend to give those rights you would need to make that clear up front because that’s what a realtor means when they hire you to take real estate photos.

This other person isn’t selling your photos he’s selling a website and website design. The agent is supplying your photos to be used for marketing purposes which is why they hired you to take the photos in the first place.

Honestly with Real Estate photos the only common copyright issue is the agent giving the photos to another agent to use. Then there’s a problem. Luckily most agents aren’t inclined to do that and awareness about this being off limits is getting much better.

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