R7 First Shots with RF 100-500, close-up with butterflies

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R7 First Shots with RF 100-500, close-up with butterflies

I finally got to take the R7 out for some real use this morning.  It's not the type of day I would usually go out here in Phoenix as it was bright sun and hitting close to 110 degrees just before noon...but with a new camera how could I put it off?!

I went to a local indoor butterfly conservatory as it's a place where I know I'm going to be able to get a shot of something.  Normally when I go here I'm using my R5 with the RF 100-500 and RF 1.4x converter.

Unsurprisingly the R7 worked perfectly with the 100-500.  Super fast focus, so much that it almost felt a bit snappier then the R5.  I did put the 1.4x on for a bit, but as I expected it was actually a bit too much for this use case and I found not being able to back off under the 300mm mark limiting...something that I don't have an issue with then using it with the R5.

I was mainly doing a ton of focus-bracketed shots, so mostly using the 30 FPS electronic shutter.  I'm really impressed with the speed!  I normally set the bracket to around 20 shots, and the R7 just blew threw them.  The faster the camera can do this the better as it provides less time for the subject (or me) to move and potentially ruin the stack so this is really nice to have.

Also, one great thing I noticed was that the focus bracketing setting no longer automatically disabled itself after a period of time like it does on the R5.  I never had to worry about needing to re-enable it throughout the day.  This has caused me to miss shots on the R5 as it will disable that setting on it's own for some reason.

The autofocus!  Wow.  It amazes me that I can say that the R7 AF is better then the R5.  The way it works and the fact that tracking can be used in ANY AF mode (even single-point) is amazing.  I'm sure this will come to the R5 at some point with firmware, or at least I hope so because it is a huge step up.  It's also very sticky and tracks so well out of the box.

The controls certainly take come getting used to.  I don't like the placement of the * button as it's very far over and it feels like it would be easy to slip off the side of the camera if you pressed it slightly wrong.  I had no issues with the control ring around the joystick, other then remembering to use it when scrolling through and reviewing pictures...I kept trying to use the D-pad thing.

The EVF looked really nice as well.  I was concerned about the overall resolution with it being pretty low, but I had a hard time telling it apart from the R5.  That could be down to my crap vision though...so there's that.

I had no issues with any sort of pausing or lockups like some have reported with the R5s.  It had no issue being in 100+ degrees for around 5 hours.

I hope there's some sort of batter grip that is made available at some point, but the single battery lasted me all day and just over 6000 total shots.  And one interesting note is that the mechanical shutter does not seem to slow down at all as the battery drains.  The mechanical shutter sounds as fast as it does at 15% battery as it is at 100%.  A nice change from the R5.

I'm still pretty shocked that this is a $1499 body with the capabilities that it has and when using it side-by-side with my $3899 R5.

Anyway, here are a couple shots from the morning out.  All hand-held, focus-bracketed shots.  Merged in Helicon Focus and edited in Lightroom.

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