Left Weighted S1?

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Re: Left Weighted S1?

georgehudetz wrote:

It's just physics. The S1 is heavier and wider, and therefore will create a greater moment (rotational or twisting force that your hand must resist) when it is held from the side.

Btw, a moment is defined by the force (weight) multiplied by a distance. Using the numbers you list above - and assuming that the center of gravity is on the lens axis (not necessarily true) gives the S1 a moment that is roughly 57% greater than the G9 - which you would absolutely feel - even though the S1 is only 36% heavier.

Not much can be done about that other than making the S1 grip as ergonomic as possible so that you don't notice the greater moment as much as you might otherwise.

Thanks George - I have had dlsr bodies for years and a good collection of EF mount lenses.

Camera body heft and potential wrist-twist is not a new subject for me.

Rather than jump right as most of have done and buy into new lenses to go with new bodies i have tended to jump left and keep my old lenses and adapt them.  As a result I did the logical and bought "ae end of a lang song" Canon 5Ds at a very good price when Canon was cleaning out their dslr stables. Bought a pretty cheap dedicated oem battery grip as well and a spare very cheap couple of oem battery chargers for belt and braces composure.

I had not thought to compare the left twist of the S1 compared to the 5Ds.

So I brought 'big heft' out with battery pack and all and surprisingly the centreline of the mount with centreline of the grip and it measured a very similar 70mm.  Of course the dslr is chunkier and thicker than the ML S1 camera body for grip finger wrap.  The battery grip gives me a deeper full five finger grip as well.

The dslr feels its heft fairly markedly but does not feel left weighted.  I do acknowledge that the lower part of the battery grip does balance against the heel of my hand below the five finger grip.  I would need to remove the battery pack to see if the unadorned 5Ds felt more similar in hand.  But have other things to do for the moment.

Other things being equal (more or less) it leaves me wondering if there are heavy internal components clustered in the left hand side of the S1/S1R camera body.

I appreciate your advice on the extra moment of revolution.

And jokes aside it is not all about heft as the 5Ds as setup with battery pack and Canon EF 35/1.4 II weighs 2158gm and the S1 with no battery pack and an adapted Minolta LM mount 90/4.0 is a lightweight 1344gm.

The 5Ds feels like big bertha incorporated with weight taken on the upper arm but the S1 feels the rotational weight on the wrist. However I can still get my lower three fingers completely on the grip (unlike my Sony A7R where the pinky had to slip underneath it).

The G9 feels sweet and balanced in the hand and I presume that the S5 is just as sweet.

My argument of course is that we like to grumble about the size of the S1/S1R but so many of us as refugees from dslr bodies should not be amazed at the physical size/weight of the S1/S1R.

Perhaps the size/weight issue of this camera body is as much an unconscious statement about its left weight balance making it slightly more uncomfortable than the S5 which seems to have won many hearts?

Personally I find the S1 ergonomics very good and I have been passing off the left bias as simply the weight of the large lenses I had been using - but it has not gone away with more compact lenses.

I pass the left weight bias off as a slight nuisance but nevertheless a real issue and am more surprised that it does not seem to have been mentioned before.  Other slaps less relevant seem to get more negative air play.

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