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P7500 profiling and first prints [video]

Now the P7500 has settled down from its journey, I've a second video looking at roll paper, initial profiling and a first test print.

I'm just starting off on a 16" roll of Premium Luster I have left over from previous reviews

That test print is one of the best looking versions (on the paper) I've seen in any printer since I started doing the videos.

Contents (since it is 20 mins)

  1. 01:00 Nozzle checks and regular printer use 
  2. 02:00 Head alignment for quality 
  3. 02:54 Loading roll paper and when to use roll paper 
  4. 08:35 Printing a profiling target 
  5. 10:36 Unloading paper 
  6. 11:26 Making a profiles and the print quality settings
  7. 13:30 Since when did gamut volumes matter much? 
  8. 16:00 Making a test print with the new profile.

I've also run off lots of B&W test prints on Premium Lustre (sheet, not the (260) roll paper) to measure the ABW performance

Initial thoughts are that the ABW at higher quality settings are appreciably better (bronzing) than the  P700/900

Oh, and the BE coat option seems to make a more noticeable difference (improvement) than on the P700/900

No feed or other issues as yet, but I've not really challenged it so far...

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bye for now
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