My horrid experience with the XF 10-24 II and Fuji's "repair" service

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My horrid experience with the XF 10-24 II and Fuji's "repair" service

Hi all,

I wanted to share my frustration regarding my copy of Fuji's 10-24 II, which is getting many great reviews online. I decided to purchase this lens last year since a wide angle zoom was lacking in my kit - expecting this to be a great travel/holiday lens.

When I came back from summer holiday in 2021 I noticed some pictures oddly had really unsharp areas especially at the wider end, at the left hand side of the images. The issue ranged from mild to really obvious depending on the focus distance.

What does one do in this case? Indeed - send the lens back for repair, hoping that things will get solved. And so I did. When I got the lens back I noticed a huge improvement on the wide end, but I didn't systematically test the longer end (big mistake).

Unfortunately it wasn't until my 2022 spring holiday that I used the lens more intensely, so when I was processing the pictures I noticed that now there was an issue at 24mm on the left hand side of the images.

Yup, Fujifilm just "moved" the problem from one focal end to the other.

So I sent the lens in for repair, again - early May, and got it back just last week. This time I made some test shots across the zoom range, and guess what. Now I have unsharp areas on the right hand side of my images taken at 24mm.

This isn't an isolated incident for me unfortunately:
- my 16mm 1.4 doesn't work in manual focus properly on my X-T4 (it does on my X-T1)
- the lens hood knob of my 200 f/2 broke for no reason at all and Fuji refused to offer any warranty

I really like the Fuji X system in general, but honestly I hate the way I'm being treated as a customer.

PS - below two example images of the unsharpness in the lower right corner:

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