Macro photoing with Canon 7D mark ii + Tamron SP 90mm (f004) not...working? Any advises?

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Re: Macro photoing with Canon 7D mark ii + Tamron SP 90mm (f004) not...working? Any advises?

Mario Giannini wrote:

I am no accomplsihed macro photographer, but have a few thughts. First, I love the DIY and the first macro attempts. I can't say they are right, but they are great fun and I am sure you can obtain shots to your liking.

Focusing will only have a certain range. If the subject is to close, it will never focus. This is simple to verify by moving back further from the subject (as it sounds you did).

When you say the first photo can't focus on the flower, are you sure you were aimed at the right spot? When I first started working with macro subjects, it's amazing how far off you can be in what you think you're aimed at, and what you are aimed at. Consider shots where being 1" off subject means the subject is completely out of the frame.

I suggest you test the setup in a more controlled location. On your dining room table, put your camera and someting like a pasta box or soda can on the table and see the distance at which you obtain good focus. See how fast your subject goes out of frame when you change the camera angle by a small change.

As to metering, I don't think that should have an issue if you're talking about focus issues.

Hmm, okay, so there are not any camera settings that we're missing out on, perhaps?

Also, are we able to get somewhat close to this with the lens + camera combo that we have:

I feel like we're missing out some camera settings as well as our technique must get worked on some more. Here i must mention that she DID find some improvement when she put the camera mode on the C1-3... not sure how that "helped", but apparently, it did.

But yeah, we will try to fiddle with the lens + camera in more controlled environments. Thank you for the suggestion(s).

Any other pointers and tips?

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