Fill for harsh light. Directly pointing flash?

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Re: This is situation is a good example...

Teila Day wrote:

So many different ways to 'skin a cat' as they say.

Yes, there are more than 100 different ways to shoot any subject and light it too - which is why your images look very different to mine.

I was going to say "I would never use a soft box or an umbrella outside" - because that’s just an accident waiting to happen - but then I remembered we have used umbrellas a few times to stop everyone from getting wet, for example…

.. while I worked on creating the final image ...

.. which I knew anyone could take if they happened to be lucky on the day.

Instead, I would usually attached a Sunlite Reflector to the flash heads…

.. since it is designed to replicate sunlight - which it does i.m.o.

Then should I want to soften that light or the actual sun light, I would use the Skylites with one of the diffusers or nets...

.. which I would also sometimes use to bounce the light off - if I really wanted soft light.

Anyway, like you say "it's just light"...

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