40mm Vs 35mm

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Re: 40mm Vs 35mm

ms18 wrote:

Nikon has a z mount 40mm f/2 portable prime. It will be portable and affordable with their z5 body. Their 35mm prime is longer and costly (of course it's a better lens)

The question I want to know. For a person who's used to 35mm shooting, Shooting with 40mm makes big difference?

Can 40mm used as one lens to rule all situations? I have been used 35mm to shoot everything.

Have you felt 35mm was fine most or al of the time?  Were you getting to worry about sometimes not wide enough?

I think it really depends on one's subject matter and interests.  I'm a zoom user, almost exclusively, so that flavors my response some.   But, for me, 40mm would not be my pick as a do it all lens. I'm thinking primarily of "interior" uses.  Outside, or situations were one might be able to step back a litlte more, less an issue.

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