updgrading from crop to FF - noise performance

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Re: updgrading from crop to FF - noise performance

A kinda funny story on that.  Last year at Christmas I was taking some photos of my Son and his family (him, wife, and 4 kids).  I took photos with a Nikon dslr apsc, my wife took some with her Canon SX730, and I took some with my iphone 13 pro. The area in our home where the photos were taken is quite dark, and the phone exif shows 1/40 sec, at 1.5, iso 500, no flash.  The dslr photos were with flash bounced off white ceiling and f5.6, 1/60 sec I believe.  Anyway, when it was all said and done, they picked the iphone 13pro photos for their wall print and for their Christmas cards that they send. But the biggest reason was that in every one of the iphone shots all six of them had attractive smiles and everybody's eyes were open which was not the case in the camera photos.  I read somewhere later that someone stated that they AI engine in the processing detected smiles and closed eyes over multiple photos and takes it on itself to utilize what it deems best for individual people.  You can make of that what you want, but it was amazing in this instance that out of probably 5-10 photos out of each camera and the phone, every phone photo was this way and none of the camera photos were this way with all smiles and no closed eyes.  Maybe they are just more comfortable when in front of a phone vs a big camera is another possibility. Anyway hope you enjoyed the story, if not, sorry to bore you.

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