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Re: Another Argiope Aurantia

Valued Customer wrote:

Rodenmg wrote:

This time with the GF250 + 45mm extension tube. This worked out fairly well giving a lot of room between me and her.

Uncropped full frame image.

Now I want to find out what's causing the bokeh double vision. It's not bad in this one but has been annoying in other images.

I remember seeing this come up in another thread some time back but don't think there was ever an explanation found.

Nice, did you hand hold at 1/40 sec? Your detail is great.

As to the double bokeh I found the following on a Leica forum: " It is called ni-sen bokeh and is caused by over-corrected spherical aberration, which is sometimes needed to compensate for chromatic aberration. Lenses known to show the effect are for instance the Summicron 50 and most tele-zoom lenses. Notorious for a huge amount is the Summarit 50/1.5, in fact all Xenon-based designs." Jaapv

I used a tripod.

Thanks for the info on the ni-sen bokeh!  First I’ve heard of this.

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