Pentax FA* 85mm - sticky AF

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Re: last try of a maybe

Hello JawaT

With a little luck maybe a workaround is possible until you let it repair. It can be that the position contacts are in some focus range still ok, but in others not. Therefore I would try out to set the lens manually to infinity, than switch to AF and focus to an infinity object and than step by step to a closer object. It can be that at a specific distance the position contact get bad and the AF do stop to work. The camera also can not go out of this focus position via the AF, so that you must first bring the focus manually back into the working range. Same I would try beginning at the min. focus position. Maybe with a little luck, you can use the AF in a useful range than and when the lens run into the bad contact area, you set it manually back into the 'good' range.

best regards. KPM2

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