updgrading from crop to FF - noise performance

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Bob A L Veteran Member • Posts: 5,767
Re: updgrading from crop to FF - noise performance

From a different view, which is more important, the super high iso low noise characteristics of the latest FF cameras, or the amount of this super high iso performance you actually need and will use in your photography?  I can't really comprehend just what uses these super high iso ratings are required for. My uses of cameras just does not require them. I have used 3200 iso in some rare instances, so for me the additional super high iso with less noise would not be worth the costs and weight involved. But if your work requires use of really high iso and low noise and especially if long telephoto work is not a big factor, by all means you probably should consider FF or MF formats. It's not what the camera can do, it's more what you need it to do for your situations.

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