updgrading from crop to FF - noise performance

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Re: updgrading from crop to FF - noise performance

You gain a little more than a stop from the increase in sensor size, so technically, you don't quite give it all back, but you do give much of it back.

Of course, that assumes that the sensors are otherwise equal in performance, and that the only difference is their size.  I'm no Canon expert, so hopefully others can weigh in, but my understanding is that the 5D IV was a new sensor design, and a significant one at that.  In other words, you pick up just over a stop from the increase in size, but if you then pick up  another stop or so (just making up a number here) from an advance in sensor design, then you would still come out ahead even after giving some back with the slower aperture.

And of course that also ignores the other advantages of the 5D (e.g., more dynamic range, more resolution, better EVF/LCD, etc.).  Again, I'm no Canon expert, but I would think the 5D IV would be a fairly substantial upgrade in shooting envelope compared to the 7D II, albeit with the usual trade-offs that come with a larger sensor (e.g., larger, heavier, and more expensive gear).

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