R5 has had a freezing problem that Canon hasn't been able to fix

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Re: R5 has had a freezing problem that Canon hasn't been able to fix

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Yes, I am new to the R5, firmware 1.5.2 and I experienced several freezes.

I use AF-ON, adapter and sigma sport most of the time. The freeze happens after an auto focus, take the shot, try to refocus and it freezes. Turning the power off won't help, I need to disconnect/remove the battery for the camera to work again.

A very annoying problem...

I used to have freezes before 1.5.2.

I'm curious. I wrote it in another thread, but I doubt many people saw it. Have you checked your folder settings? Are you writing to both cards? If so, do both folders have the same name? I can't be sure, but for me data was being written to folders with different names on each card. Ever since I changed the folders to matching names, I haven't experienced any lock-ups. Probably not the same case for many people, but worth checking.

I am on 1.5.2 and my R5 is set to write on a single card until full and then switch to the 2nd card. My R5 has the battery grip with 2 Canon batteries in it.

I've had sporadic freezes regardless of which card was being written to. This has happened pretty much since I bought it (July 2020) with all the FW versions that have been released by Canon.

I haven't counted but I'd say roughly it freezes once every couple thousands images. Most of the times the camera is on with the EVF live but unresponsive (shutter button does not initiate AF nor takes the shot) and turning off and on sorts it. In much rarer cases the EVF goes blank and I need to remove the batteries to reset the camera.

All in all it is annoying but I can live with it.

I haven’t had one lockup since I’ve been using the eShutter exclusively (tens of thousands of shots) with v1.5.2. One day I switched to mShutter (EFCS) and it locked up twice on me in a day. I’ve been back to eShutter for another 10,000+ shots without a problem.


Similar experience with my R6. Only difference, I shoot in mechanical shutter most of the time.

On several occasions, all on family vacations, my camera locked. The red led kept flashing as if the camera was writing to the card. But it remained stuck and only a battery removal fixed it.

I narrowed it down to EFCS and recording to both cards simultaneously (generally record on only 1 card). All with canon RF lenses, all genuine batteries, FW 1.5.2. The last time my camera locked 10+ times in a matter of 5 minutes. I kept shooting the same scene, same settings and it kept locking. Extremely frustrating.

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