updgrading from crop to FF - noise performance

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updgrading from crop to FF - noise performance

Hi folks...

Apologies for double post - i accidentally put this i "open talk" by mistake

with the advent of mirrorless causing a plummet in the prices of new DSLRS i'm considering an upgrade from my 7dmk2.

About the only reason i'm half serious is that the mighty mk2 has pretty ordinary noise at high iso.

If i shoot in low light i use my 17-55 f2.8 .....(which will only work on a crop sensor camera)

So my question is this:

speaking purely on noise performance, and not about the other pros/cons comparing the two cameras...

If i upgrade to something like the 5dmk4, which has approx 1 stop better noise performance....and to get an equivalent zoom range for not outrageous cash....

i get a 24-105 f4L....

Am i defeating the purpose of getting the better sensor by having to boost the ISO by the one stop i lose in the lens?

have i got my thinking straight, or am i nuts?

Open to comments and suggestions...

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