Looking for high quality mirrorless digital equivalent of 35mm RF

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Re: Looking for high quality mirrorless digital equivalent of 35mm RF

Not sure if you are looking to a single fixed lens camera with something in the 35mm focal length range, or considering a camera which could be interchangeable lenses but kind of with the look and feel of a traditional "range finder" camera with a 35mm or so prime lens to begin.  Going mirror-less is kind of a start over opportunity.  They all offer good products, although I'm a Sony user, I don't see any reason, in general, to suggest not looking towards all of them.  So, I'd suggest taking some time to look at the different makers and their offerings.

Fuji has a broader range of aps-c models but no path to ff (they do have a larger format system, though).  Sony has several aps-c models and is restarting production on a couple that were delayed with supply chain issues.  They have a more "rangefinder" feel to the bodies (in aps-c), with corner viewfinder, no central hump, etc.  They have, I believe, a broader range of available lenses, with a number of third party lenses, too.  Nikon and Canon were later getting to mirror-less and so have fewer offerings compared to Fuji and Sony.  Nikon and Canon's mirror-less bodies are much more reminiscent of their dslr lines.

If you like your existing Nikon lenses and their output, you could consider the Nikon mirror-less with an adapter.  You'd also, to some extent get similar feel and handling.

Should aps-c systems offer what you want/need, that can often allow one to go with smaller, lighter and less expensive kits.  If you are considering moving to ff at some point, it's worth considering that aps-c lenses can be brought up and used on ff bodies but they  drive the body to crop mode and that can reduce the advantage.  So unless going to the higher resolution bodies, the crop results in a lower resolution than you had in aps-c.  So, often going ff requires buying more ff lenses anyways.

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