Looking for high quality mirrorless digital equivalent of 35mm RF

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Re: Looking for high quality mirrorless digital equivalent of 35mm RF

MikeyBestPix wrote:

I grew up with Nikon Fs and some Leica Ms. My Leica gear was stolen years ago and was never replaced. I'd like to get something digital to renew that kind of approach but I can't even remotely justify a Leica these days so I am looking at a Sony a7C or a6600 and maybe a Fuji XPro-3 as contenders. The prices are a bit daunting when I consider the glass to be added to the purchase price, but that's life.

I currently use a Nikon D5200 with an 18-200 zoom and 40mm f2.8 micro Nikkor. Those are bread and butter for me and I am happy with their output. I kind of see the mirrorless as a river crossing side move which might eventually move to full frame for everything over time.

Right now I am leaning to the a7c but the XPro-3 looks appealing too. Any caveats or suggestions?

It doesn't really matter; both of those (and more) are fine cameras. You don't have any criteria from which to make a decision, and everyone makes a decent 35mm lens. I've got the 35mm RF, and I'd say some of the better zooms also do as well as it in most aspects.

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