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Keith Cooper wrote:

Rand 47 wrote:


Do som

Re searches on the Luminous Landscape, Photo PXL, and the Epson Wide Format lisg group on these printers. They make superb prints when “working” but are rife with serious issues. With a short review period you may not run into some of the problems, but keep an eye out for:

  • Head strikes with fine art papers, even Epson’s like Legacy Platine (no matter the platen gap or caliper of paper setting).
  • The print head dragging itself through the ink on subjects with heavy / dark ink loads.
  • The printer “unspooling” roll paper to the point where you cannot open the cover.
  • The printer ripping the paper off the core at the end and dragging tape through the feed mechanism and gumming up the rollers (taking hours to remove carefully).
  • The printer actually breaking the plastic spool end holders.

Many users have had multiple visits from Epson Support with ZERO resolution to any of the above.

I have the 7570 and have experienced all of these. Many of the issues have been ameliorated through driver / firmware / EMI updates. Those who have the 9570 continue with real horror stories. I now know some workarounds that make the printer “mostly dependable.”

I suspect if you print on something like Premium Luster in rolls, you may never encounter any of these. But let me suggest some research as suggested above so that your review has a “wide view” of actual user experience and some things to test for.

On the positive side, the printer makes gorgeous prints. It has the best sheet feed mechanism I’ve ever used. It’s fast in bi-directional mode.

Best of luck with your tests!


Thanks - this is the sort of stuff I do usually look at, but generally only after I've been using the printer a bit.

However, whilst I'll happily suggest due diligence and research to anyone wanting to buy a printer, my reviews are not ever 'literature reviews' nor a place for reporting other people's problems, unless I can physically see/reproduce them... It is a strength and/or weakness of my style of reviews - YMMV

I've just been seeing what 24" media I have in stock - rather a lot, from my reviews in previous years, including 3 different types of canvas.


I’ve read / watched and enjoyed your reviews over time! Thanks, by the way.  I realize they are not literature reviews and only  mentioned doing searches because it is so wide spread and that you might not stumble into the issues in the short term.  Thanks for the response.  Look forward to your review.  I predict you’ll love the sheet feed, and the internal LED light that allows you to see the image “develop” - it harkens to watching a print come up in the tray!


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