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I entertained getting the 5dSR, being mostly a shooter of structures and not moving athletes, but looking at reviews lately, I see it's not the all-encompassing camera I thought it was. I do also need to be able to shoot video, and it's not good for that. I also thought maybe I should get into the mirrorless game with the Canon R5 or R6, but I would have to reinvest in new glass to use with that system, and I want to stay full frame. Although I understand there are adapters for the R series for use with EF L lenses, I'm not sure if there is any image quality loss. I've never used adapters before.

The adapters have no glass. They simply change the distance to the sensor. Some RF lenses are superior lenses, because they're new, fast, etc, but you won't lose quality based on just using an adapter.

So, even though there's no glass, doesn't changing the distance to the sensor essentially turn the camera into a APS-C format, where you lose width in the lens?

No, that is not how it works. Using an adapter to put the lens in the flange distance it was designed for will make it function exactly the same as it did on a DSLR. So if the two cameras' sensors are of the same size/format, the field of view will be identical.

I see. So putting my 17-40mmL lens, using an EF to RF adapter, on the R5, with its 45mp sensor, it should look exactly the same, field-of-view wise, as that same lens attached to my 5d mkii, with it's 21mp sensor?

Further, would that same adapter work for any of my other Canon lenses (even a tilt shift), or do I need separate adapters for each lens I want to convert to the R5? Sorry for my ignorance on this, I've really never had to use them before.

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