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Canon Cine primes and R5/c

Started 10 months ago | Discussions thread
cortex95x Contributing Member • Posts: 862
Re: Canon Cine primes and R5/c

Chris1X4 wrote:

I recently inquired via B&H and a local Canon rep about using Canon Cine primes on my R5c. Apparently they are not compatible with the Canon EF to R adapter. (I don't really trust either source...)

Is there a way to use Cine primes with an R mount camera (specifically the R5c)?

And I wonder what "incompatible" means. Clearly they'll mount via the adapter, so is it an issue with the electronics?

The PL mount primes are obviously not compatible, and the EF mount Canon Cine lenses will not have any electronic contacts, but I would guess that they should work in full manual.  I have a set of Meike EF mount primes for my Canon C300 Mk III that I will try on my R5c via adapter.  But I'll be honest, unless you're working from a tripod, or have access to a focus puller, a fully manual lens for video is a PIA to use. But that's just my opinion.

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