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Joe Reynolds
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R5 Tracking

I know this issue has been beat to death, but I have a feeling many R5 users do not fully understand the lack of object tracking, - essentially the ability to focus on any spot and have the focus point follow that spot for something like focus/recompose.

Sony has this and calls it "real time tracking" or something to that effect.

I read one Sony user describe the feature like so: "So, on the A7III I always used the joystick to manually select the desired AF area or used the separate Eye AF mode (set to a custom button) to override it if faces/eyes were detected. That's pretty clumsy, as you can see. On the A7C I use tracking all the time, it allows me to focus+recompose with AF-C, which is honestly a game changer for me. I don't need the joystick anymore!"

Once one has used this focus/recompose method where virtually any spot on the screen can be tracked, you will miss having that feature. I was in Best Buy the other day, tried a Sony A7C. Small focus small rectangle was in the center of the EVF. Focused on some text in a sign. Recomposed and the focus box stayed glued to the text. Same with every other object I focused on. BTW, the A7III and A7R4 do not have this updated focus system, as far as I know -- only the A6400, A1, A9, A7IV, and A7c

With an R5 one is likely to see numerous small dancing boxes clustered together and frequently jumping from spot to spot.

The R5 tracking mode works really well for defined subjects like humans and animals.

It is totally unreliable for tracking random objects.

I am not talking about manually keeping some small focus point on an object as it moves about. I am talking about servo mode sticking focus to any selected point in the EVF as the photographer recomposes. To put it another way, I want the ability to focus on any spot in the EVF and have servo stick to it as I recompose.

I have read messages posted to this forum suggesting such tracking is not currently possible.

The inability of the R5 to track as well as the A7c is my biggest disappointment.

The A6400 has had this Real Time Tracking feature since 2019.

Sony a6400 review: Digital Photography Review (dpreview.com)

Perhaps my memory is bad, but I seem to recall the Canon R doing better at tracking objects than my newer R5.

Canon EOS R5
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