The phablets are eating the laptops - maybe shoot vertical?

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The phablets are eating the laptops - maybe shoot vertical?

With the trend of larger and larger mobiles, and the fact that 98.3% of facebook users log into the mobile, while only 1.7% use laptop/desktop exclusively, there is a lesson to be learnt here:

Like it or not, the vertical online photography and vertical videos are here to reign.

(not everybody care to twist their phone in landscape mode - far, far from it.)

Vertical does not just apply to personal sharing, commercial giants like Coca Cola and BMW know exactly how their customers behave from market feedback - and they have turned to vertical online campaigns.

So if you only photograph for yourself, and not to share with others, any format would do.

But if you are competing for customers *online* or do share photographs for fun *online* - can you afford to not shoot vertically, when so many has left their laptop behind, and watching/working vertically on their phablets?

I guess some airheads will say, nah, my art is so great that people will turn their mobiles to landscape mode when they watch my masterpieces, or Im really an modern Ansel, my art is too great for mobile, it can only be printed large and seen in fine-art exhibitions.

To them i would say, sure buddy, sure...

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