A request to post some Leica Q2 Mono images ...

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A request to post some Leica Q2 Mono images ...

... which illustrate as to why people are getting the Mono over the Colour version.

I am NOT after the technicalities, have read a few items on that subject and also watched some videos. As one does.

But often failed to see the attraction. Put this down to an utter lack of talent, but that doesn't mean I cannot appreciate b/w photos. Of course I can. I am just not particularly capable of "seeing" in luminescense only (if that's what it is?? No idea )

I convert the odd image into b/w, like this one where I think it works:

Or this one:

But generally I just don't know. e.g. the man in the shot how would that photo have looked if I had used an M10M + 50/2 (the equivalent-ish lens)?

In terms of b/w I like Ulrik Christiansens portrait series and can clearly see the attraction:


Or, that image taken with a Q2 (not the M I think?) that caught my attention a few years back here on the Leica forum:

Some people here on this forum mentioned a few times that the Q2M is a "one-trick pony", but "what a trick" .. and it has the WOW factor. Summarizing clumsily here.

In short: I would LOVE to see some WOW images taken with the Q2M maybe if that's not too much to ask, with an explanation as to what makes this image different from a mere conversion.

Note: I will get my pedestrian (in that respect I guess) Q2 next week and will take some colour filters to Fiji, possibly not the best country for b/w, but will see how it goes. Will then do some b/w days and might also wonder how I would feel about a Mono camera. If I had one.

Hopefully this post won't put anybody off as I am actually really interested. Followed a PhaseOne presentation-something a few years ago where somebody had explained the virtues of a Phase-something-Mono with examples. No colour converted images were presented but boy did those sample images good

Thanks for your input! This can be debated here, right??


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