Oly 20mm F1.4 PRO vs. Pana 20mm F1.7

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Oly 20mm F1.4 PRO vs. Pana 20mm F1.7

I recently purchased the 20mm pro from Oly. I previously shot quite alot on the 20mm panasonic 1.7. I never really thought about the AF speed, just got used to it, and was really worried that this would not feel like an upgrade.

If anyone else is thinking the same as I was I have to tell you that this lens is just a totally superior piece of glass in so many ways (at least for me) .

1. It feels much better to handle on the em5-miii (so light and compact but still just handles better than a pancake for me personally, much more enjoying the camera with it on).

2. The AF speed, my lord. It is world class speed and works super in both videos, low light and classic shooting. After trying it, I can't go back to the slow pana. Just world's apart there.

3. Weather sealing. For me, getting a weather sealed prime that I could leave on my camera during every weather, going out with my camera, hiking, strolling around town in the rain or bad weather is everything. With an olympus weather sealed body it feels so solid.

4. 1.4 over 1.7. Maybe not so much different in speed but it gives more low light options and the I personally prefer the bokeh.

5. Manual focus ring. I use MF alot and the MF ring on the Oly is butter and silk in one. What a beautiful ring. I am happy not to have the MF clutch as it would have addedd size and weight and for me this is a small, bomb proof prime to be as small is it could be.

Some samples to show them both. I will try to take more.

Oly 20mm PRO (f1.8)

Pana 20mm (f1.8)

And for the fastest aparture settings.

Oly 20mm pro (f1.4)

Pana (f1.7)

and finally other apartures.

Oly f4.5

Pana f4.5



To sum it up: Once you go Oly 20mm you never go Pana 20mm

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