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Re: Pentax FA* 85mm - sticky AF

Hello again JawaT

JawaT wrote:

KPM2 wrote:

Hello JawaT

JawaT wrote:

Got my hands on what appeared to be a good copy of Pentax FA* 85mm lens.

I think it had not been used for a long time. Would not operate in AF mode. Lens has a setting for AF. So I used it in the manual mode for a while, and kept on going back to AF. Now AF is working intermittently. May need to be serviced I guess.

Has anybody experienced this before? I would assume not, since why would anybody leave such a lens unused for any length of time!


That is sad to hear.

When you set the lens clutch from manual to AF, do your camera show than also instead MF now AF in the OFV or info screen. If not and the camera still show MF, the first thing I would try is to clean the pin's on the bayonet.

When you pull the clutch from manual focus to AF, you can turn the clutch ring a little until it arrested, I do that always, but it is not a must to do, the AF is already at once active with my FA*85 when I did pull the clutch.

best regards KPM2

Ok, no problem

Sorry, I did forget to mention that I did clean the contacts on both the lens and the camera. The latter was probably not needed. I could hear the camera engage with the focusing mechanism but not be able to focus.

about this:

I understand it like this: you hear and you also can see in the OFV, that the lens groups are moving for the focusing.

The "focused" green square would continue to blink.

The green square continue to blink normally , when I focus to an object which is closer than the min. focus distance of the lens. I also fine adjust my FA 43mm LTD so that later it could not focused to infinity and than the green square did also not stoped to blink.😀 .

Therefore, maybe go to the fine adjust menu and look what setting this lens has. If you use a global adjustment, set it back to 0 and try out the lens. But if in your case it doesn't mater to what distance you focus (between infinity and the min. focus distance) and you get always this blinking square, than I don't know what to do and if it would be my lens, I would send it back or let it repair.

best regards. KPM2

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