Protective glass for A7IV?

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Re: Protective glass for A7IV?

It happens in the exact place my nose hits the screen. My guess is that maybe my nose repeatedly tapping on the edge is causing it to detach or maybe the oils from my nose seep under the glass or something. I've tried multiple brands and they all have this issue. I haven't tried a more expensive brand, I feel like they are likely all the same quality regardless of the price. I have used so many types of these screen protectors on my cameras and iPhones and never had an issue other than with this cameras.

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I have purchased many on Amazon. They all work fine at first, but after a few weeks the corner always starts to come off. It's in the corner where my nose keeps touching the screen when I look in the viewfinder. I try my best to not tap the screen with my nose, but it's very hard not to tap it at times, so I have yet to find a protector that doesn't have this issue. Anyone else have this problem and know how to get around it?

That’s interesting that you bought many with the same issue, I have not had any issue with the $8 screen protector on my aIV (I even still have a spare that came together). But I had the same issue with my other camera screen protector, so I do understand. I don’t think it has to do with your nose touching it. Have you tried the more expensive one? B&H has this. It seems worth it.

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