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Hello, everyone. New member here. I just recently purchased an iMac 24 for multi use. One being, video editing. My primary need for video editing is basically for personal/family use. No intention, well, at least for now, of doing serious work that would require extensive use of programs like Final Cut Pro. Although, I did download it yesterday for the 90 day trial. At present, I am using a program called Filmora 11, which is relatively easy to learn. It seems to be packed with a lot of interesting features. Anybody here use that program by any chance? As far as shooting video, I use a GoPro Hero 7, Osmo Pocket, and my iPhone 13 pro. Don't have any other means of shooting video. But I'm sure a decent quality camcorder would be nice.

That be it at present. Over time, I hope to learn a lot from all of you, and maybe one day I might be able to offer help to others once I get deeper into taking video along with editing. Best regards to all.


Your situation is exactly the same as I 4+ years ago when I first dabbled in video.

You can learn a lot asking questions here.

You can also learn a lot by watching youTube tutorials, which are plenty.

More than anything, keep shooting and editing. That's the only way to learn.

Keep shooting and editing. Solid advice. Can't learn if you're not doing.

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