Why no love for Luv?

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Re: Why no love for Luv?

Funny, a year or two ago I wrote a GitHub Gist titled "Where's the LUV"

But to answer the questions posed in THIS thread:

In 1976, there was no consensus on a single uniform color space, so the CIE released two, LUV and LAB.

LUV found use in television, in color correction systems for instance, though newer color methods are used today in that application.

Photoshop and Adobe are (traditionally) more connected to print media, and LAB is the standard for print, and used in applications testing reflected colors.

LUV performs poorly for reflected colors, LAB is better — though more modern models like CIECAM02 are better still.

I personally feel that LUV is better than LAB for things like generating gradients, and for use on self illuminated monitors.

But there's a new kid on the block, OKLab, and right now, OKLab is specifed in CSS color 4.

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