M42 lenses on M43 body..

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Re: M42 lenses on M43 body..

Another examples I have are Pentacon 135/2.8 which has nice bokeh, but also pronounced CA/PF until stopped down to F5.6+. But might be interesting for specific type of portraiture based more on bokeh than resolution and contours.

Then small M42 Industar 50/3.5 which again needs about F5.6-F8 and then shows exceptional resolution, but contrast is weaker.

And Helios 58/2 in few versions, very sharp lens even with F2, interesting bokeh, but still some CA/PF until about F4 is reached. Contrast against the light source also a bit weak.

And then many K mount lenses, but that is different toppic.

I wonder how some Pentacon 300mm or other similar lenses do behave on such M4/3 16Mpix body without AA filter, as it is rather high resolution per area comparable to 60Mpix FF body..

But those lenses were designed for film, where something like 20mpix per full frame is theoretical maximum on most film media and cheap consumer films barely can resolve above 10-12mpix level of data (scanned from analog of course, but at some point larger resolution of scanning does not discover additional detail).

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