Big "IF" Macbook (Pro) 12inch, interested?

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Re: Macbook Air 15" also rumored

CAcreeks wrote:

tapirek wrote:

Tom_N wrote:

The 14" MacBook Pro has:

  • A mini-LED-backlit display, which a 15" MacBook Air almost certainly would not
  • Higher maximum RAM capacity – 32 GB or 64 GB, vs. 24 GB for the M2
  • Higher multi-core CPU performance
  • Higher GPU performance
  • A third USB4 (Thunderbolt) port
  • A HDMI port
  • A SDXC card slot
  • Support for two or three external monitors (vs. a M2 MacBook Air's one)
  • Thunderbolt 4. (Thunderbolt 3 and 4 are very similar, but I think that support for dual monitors is required to be able to say you support Thunderbolt 4.)

+ Fans which means active cooling, means no throttling under heavy load. It's not that usual to get them spinning working with Lightroom.

That's not what I hear from owners. What I hear is "they rotate, but I never hear them."

Exactly my point - they rotate.

As of recent - if I export 200 leica Q2 RAW (with noise reduction, lens correction, some color adjustments) in the background while continuing to merge 3 raw panoramas, after a few minutes I get the fans spinning. They're not noisy (definitely not the same level as my previous 2019 16" Intel MBP) but they are busy for sure. Which means under the same load on the fan-less Air you may get throttling (so lower performance) or you may get worst cooling - which means the machine gets hotter (which eventually brings you to point one so throttling).

So it depends on your definition of "spinning" I guess.

The only time my M1 Air has been slightly warm to the touch was when a Facebook video call went into an infinite loop and/or memory leak. Our 2014 Macbook Pro gets that warm every day in normal operation.

I have not much experience with Air but one I can tell - fans in MBP 14" are there for a reason and it is a myth that you need to do really heavy lifting to start them. They kick in from time to time especially on a very hot days.

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