Should I go for the camera NX1 in 2022

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Re: Should I go for the camera NX1 in 2022

doceyes wrote:

Weird can find and purchase an NX1 easier than an NX500 on eBay etc. And those with NX500's generally want ridiculously high prices than the NX1. Not sure why but that is what the market is asking for.

Personally, I favor smaller cameras and prefer the form factor of the NX500. As I don't do video, the only practical difference between the NX500 and NX1 is the electronic viewfinder on the latter.

A few years ago, I would have said that a viewfinder was a strict requirement on any camera. But now, I tend to prefer composing the picture on ground glass or on a large LCD rather than having to squint through a peephole. I find having the NX500 at waist level with the OLED screen tilited up a very comfortable and natural shooting position, reminiscent of the old twin lens reflex cameras.

Together with two or three of the superb prime lenses in the Samsung stable, the NX500 makes a wonderful shooting kit, very compact and difficult to beat for image quality, even today.

I love to wander about with two NX500 bodies, one with the 10mm fisheye and the other one with the 30mm pancake. And if I know I will be using a telephoto lens, I add the NX Mini with the 45mm and adapter (120mm equivalent). The 10mm will also double as a moderate wide (27mm equivalent) on the Mini and the 30mm as a nice portrait lens (81mm equivalent). Everything fits in a small waist pouch and delivers top notch results.

Maybe I am not the only one prefering the NX500. That would explain the relatively high prices on the used market.



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