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Hi anyone have and carry both? I have the x and am thinking of adding the iii. Crazy? 😁

We are many that use them both. I have switched my GRIII for a GRII (better camera IMO). But still, I shoot 28 and 40. Great combo. plenty of examples HERE

Useful input. I have a GRII (which I love IQ is great) and want the x for the 40mm lens. Not sure if I should get the GRIII as well so that I am only using one interface /menu. Dont want to spend the money on a GRIII unless I absolutely have to. Are you glad you got the GRIII from that point of view? I have spent 5 year+ with the GRII menu and know my way around it quite well. Apologies for taking this thread off at a tangent.

I have no problems using the GRII and the GRIIIx side by side. I set my camera up once and then shoot. I want ISO and snapfocus/af-focus on the same fn button. That’s it, that’s all I use. But I really wish that the GRIII had the same exposure comp button..

Thank you for that, yes it's pretty handy. I am able to produce 90x60xm (36x24") prints with the GRII for sale. But that's the max. More tend to be 60x40cm. The only benefit I get using my 28mm 1.8G Nikon lens over the Ricoh is higher ISO. Ricoh sharper in the corners. So can't see an IQ reason to get the GRIII. Seems the ISO and stabilisation are the benefits.

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