Wildlife lens weight versus IQ

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Re: Wildlife lens weight versus IQ

I'm late to this thread but went through a sort of similar process. I wanted to get into bird photography. I had a PL 100-400, did not really like it. Various reviews showed/claimed Oly 100-400 better wide open. Sold the PL and an Oly 40-150 Pro (not enough reach). Kept the TC14 and TC20, usable on new 100-400 in a pinch. Good stabilisation on EM5 iii (possible IBIS partial contribution said by some), poor comparatively on my G9, lens IS only. I am using this with a monopod with a Wimberley BH100 and find the combination very good. In a handheld mode I doubt I could use this lens and camera combo for a whole mornings birding session with any comfort or good results. I use ISO's up to 25600 (EM5 maximum) with good results (if correctly/well exposed) via DxO in combination with Topaz AI products (De-Noise, Sharpen, Gigapixel). ISO16K images are very good, despite my initial reservations, processed with this combination. YMMV.

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