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Re: Thoughts on upgrading camera system

NikonNature wrote:

I won't make a specific recommendation, however, I wanted to make a few observations.

1) You seem to keep your gear for a long time. To me, that's the best approach since you really get to know your gear and you avoid impulse buys of always getting the next best thing. So think in terms of building a system for the long term. You might stick with FF and keep MF on your long term wish list.

I do keep stuff a long time, principally because I don't have the money to upgrade all the time, lol. I feel like I'm always a few steps behind the curve, like when I finally moved up to FF with my first 5D, the mkIII had already come out! But you make a good point.

2) DSLR's are not dead by any means, however, mirrorless is where all new advancements are going. So in keeping with the 'long term' theme, it is worth considering the switch to mirrorless.

As a solution to switching to mirrorless without the high cost of say, the R5, another poster spotlighted the deals available on the slightly older Sony a7ii or iii's. However, my son has one, and I don't like the feel of them in my hands. They're so small! I'm used to my big Canon with the battery grip, and I actually like the feel of a meaty machine in my hands. Weight and bulk doesn't seem to bother me.

A Canon FF mirrorless will have more MP and more features than your 5Dii. It may also have improvements in dynamic range, high ISO noise performance, and more. Your current lenses should work seamlessly with the adapter, which could ease your budget a bit. With some research, you may find R-mount lenses that surpass your current lenses and could be part of your personal roadmap for future purchases.

Good point. The newer cameras are just better at most everything, out performing the older ones.

3) You mentioned the need for video. Mirrorless is better suited for this too.

Didn't know this but it makes sense. Interesting.

4) I can't speak to your specific use case, but most real estate does not require high MP. Of course, as a photographer you no doubt take pride in your work. So even if high-res images are not required, they can be personally gratifying to produce.

You're right, RE doesn't necessarily require high MP, most of it is nowadays even viewed on phones anyway. However, whatever camera I choose will also be used on high end interior work that comes my way, and that is what I'd ultimately like to be shooting, hence the push to get superior IQ. And yes, despite that, I do try to deliver the best images I can.

Anyway, just some food for thought.

Definitely, thank you NikonNature!

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