Thoughts on upgrading camera system

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Re: Thoughts on upgrading camera system

John Crowe wrote:

I was going to recommend the 5DSR, but not having shot much video on it, I do not know how it stacks up. They are dirt cheap if you can still find a new one though.

GFX100 is certainly tempting, and know that you can adapt older manual focus medium format lenses to it. You can adapt those same lenses to EF too. Of course the GFX lenses cannot. I use two medium format lenses on my 5DSR with a shift adapter. It is an inexpensive way to get into shift photography for architecture.

The R5 is probably the most logical step and at least you won't have to buy any lenses for awhile. The R6 would really only be a lateral move in IQ from the 5D II, at quite an expense.

Thanks for your input, John. I wasn't aware that I could attach other MF lenses to the GFX. I knew that about Canon cameras, and in fact my nephew, who is currently using my Hassy, has put the 80mm Hassy lens on his 5dii with an adaptor, since he loves that lens so much.

Also didn't know there is such a thing as a shift adaptor. What MF lenses do you put on the 5dSR?

I'm taking a closer look at the R5. I think it is a sensible solution, but it doesn't retail for much less than the GFX's. But of course keeping my existing lenses would be preferable at this time.

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