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Re: Sony a7RII

Jacques Cornell wrote:

FWIW, I had a 1DsII and the same lenses years ago. I'm an event, portrait and landscape pro.

Given that this is your first foray into mirrorless, and that even a modest 35mm-format kit can deliver way more than you're currently getting, I suggest you put the medium-format dreams on hold and see whether 35mm is really all you need.

I'll save you some money to put toward lenses or a future MF kit by suggesting a mint used Sony a7RII. I had one for a while, and the IQ is, to me, at least, indistinguishable from my a7RIII's. I replaced it with a third a7RIII only because I really needed better AF for my event work. At going prices, it's a fantastic bargain for high-rez still-subject work.

This sensor delivers twice the pixel count of your 5DII and way less noise. The lens selection is fantastic. If you later decide to forego MF and go all-in on 35mm format, you'll have the lenses already and can simply upgrade to an a7RIV or whatever later with minimal loss. OTOH, if you decide you really need a 100MP GFX, you won't have spent a whole lot on the Sony kit.

Thanks for your thoughts, Jacques, you make some valid points. The only problem I find with the Sony's is that they're so SMALL in the hand. Prob because I'm so used to the large 5d (with a battery grip attached), I really like the feel of a larger camera to wrap my hands around. True, I frequently have my camera sitting on a tripod, but whatever camera I pick, I'd also like to shoot handheld occasionally when taking shots of the family or my kids' sports events. My son shoots with the a7RIII, so I'll give it a spin to see what all the fuss is about.

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