Compact everyday lens - Tamron 28-75 G2 or Sigma 28-70 DG DN?

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Re: Compact everyday lens - Tamron 28-75 G2 or Sigma 28-70 DG DN?

darrenhaken wrote:

Let me know once you've tried the Tamron!

I did try today few lenses:

17-28mm Tamron28-75 Tamron 24-70 Sigma Artand Sony 24-70 f4.0
Tamron 28-70 2.828m is actually surprisingly sharp and straight, in Lightroom after applying built-in profile, no distortions of any sort at 28mm 2.8, it is slightly sharper then 24-70 at 24mm35mm slight distortion corners go up a bit. -3 manual distortion fixes it very well, it is softer than at 28mm50mm distortion deepens a bit -4 fixes it, sharpness is good but slight front focus develops, just a tiny bit.75mm front focus deepens and it seems slightly softer.
it is better from Sigma 28-70 there is no question about it, it is slightly bigger and heavier. I don't like the softness at 75mm that softness goes away at f5.6
I did try Sigma 24-70 2.8 Art. This lens is also at the same price, actually 5$ cheaper from Tamron.There is no distortion at all with this lense, surprisingly a bit soft\front focus similar to Tamron at 70mm. It is heavy and bulky. Nice soft bokeh, good lense overall but heavy. Autofocus worked much better, Tamron missed 3-4 times Sigma didn't miss single time.For the same price Sigma has, tiny very tiny edge with autofocus and I do not need to play with manual adjustments to eliminate distortions. There is less difference in sharpness quality from 24-70 than with tamron from 28-75mm.
I also tried Tamron 17-28 -Zero issue with distortions, it actually looks good, that's how I want 28-70mm to look. Am I asking for too much? at 17mm ok sharp at 20 little sopy and at 28mm nice and sharp again. The range is strange, not long enough and not wide enough, but it is good quality and produces really good photos for what it is. I would still buy wide prime for landscapes, they were probably made for bloggers not photographers.
My mind is set for sigma 24-70mm Art I guess you can't cheat physics and light. at the same price as Tamron 28-70m or Sigma 28-70 I have no choice. Not perfect as 70mm could be much better, but it is acceptable. Yes I am pixel peeper.Sigma 28-70mm is useless for photography of straight objects, as the gallery shows here. I would love to see one photo of a lake and a horizon at 1/3 of the photo with sky and clouds, the horizon will not be straight out of camera.

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