DJI Mini3 battery only 24 minutes

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Re: DJI Mini3 battery only 24 minutes

Dericali wrote:

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JohnHarlin wrote:

That would correlate with what Dericali said that the Mini3 is programmed to land with about 15-20% of the battery remaining, meaning they don't want to damage the battery.

However, I have on a number of occassions run my laptop battery down to zero without seeming to damage it. The fear may be on overblown.

What a device says about battery level and what the true battery level happens to be don't need to be the same thing. Sophisticated devices like a laptop will have their own battery management software where the manufacturer decides how to balance running time with battery longevity.

I suspect DJI does the same thing, both through the battery itself and the device. For instance, consider the auto discharge feature built into the Air 2S batteries.

For us consumers, the challenge is that we don't know if zero in our devices is really zero + 20% (or some other safety buffer) or not. I suppose we could try to measure the voltage of a "fully discharged" battery?

The main thing to focus on is the drone's actual behaviour once it drops below the 20% or 15% or 10% battery charge level, when the drone will try to auto land. What actually happens to your drone if you cancel auto land? Will you still be able to fly, and for how far? this information can be quite important to know if you're trying to get a drone home that is running out of battery, because you may be able to get more flight time than you actually think... but the only way to know is try fly your drone until it actually auto lands.


The drone batteries can be highly unpredictable especially in cold weather. When a battery jumps suddenly to the low level and RTH is activated, you can still control the landing but the drone is still going to land whether you control it or not...


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