Unexplainable colour shift when shooting almost the same scene

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Re: Unexplainable colour shift when shooting almost the same scene

dp62 wrote:

@Phil - I'll try to get back on this tomorrow. Please note that I mostly use my smartphone. Just a matter of convenience. Did check yet, but would surprise me if there was such kind of manual setting available with grey card etc.

Yeah, they've dumbed down stock camera apps to make them as simple as possible to use. You generally have to use a 3rd party camera app if you want advanced features. I used FiLMiC Pro when seeing how far I could push the video capability of my phone. It will directly display color temperature and lock or save custom values. Easy to use with a grey card. But the app wasn't updated with new OS versions and has become a bit unstable.

I guess it is possible on the Sony, though I am not sure how to how to get hold of a grey card.

Grey cards are readily available. A white paper towel also works reasonably well.

When shooting outside, the smartphone (Samsung S10) gets me fairly decent, no bluish photos, contrary to the RX100III being a well-know problem.
I often have to correct those afterwards.
(Usually Photoshop > Image > Autotone comes pretty close already)

Don't know about problems with the RX100III. A friend had one and it produced great pictures. But he is an experienced photographer and knows how to tweak the camera for the results he wants.

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