Point and shoot (Sony RX100?) or iPhone Pro for casual travel camera

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Re: Point and shoot (Sony RX100?) or iPhone Pro for casual travel camera

Drzewoid wrote:

Iphone is very good camera, but You asking about replacing SONY RX100 - top compact camera, so the answer is not - iphone can't replace RX100. IMO 12 megapixels is enhough to taking great photos, but it has to be PERFECT 12 megapixels, as You know iphone is not able to produce this output. Most people don't care about natural output, so it's OK.

IMO only way to replace this camera is buying Huawei P40 PRO or better(currently not very good choice, because of no Google apps) or MI11 Ultra and install GCAM - check samples here - https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4647783

I think this quality is enhough to competite with RX100

Agree, Huawei still in a league of it's own. Warming to the Mi 11 Ultra now although it's completely different, it sees things how I do for the most part (my eyes aren't good so may not be a good thing!) no oversharpening and colours are pretty accurate. A few samples below.

In answer to the OP, Sony.  Unless you are getting sponsorship revenue or using for social media posts, the iPhone cameras don't stack up against the very best.

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