Sony Alpha 1 Firmware 1.30 adds 8K 4:2:2 10bit Recording and S, M & L Lossless RAW

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Re: Response from DxO and FastRawViewer regarding support for new formats

Magnar W wrote:

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I think the S raw is processed faster than the L raw, because I think the lossless compression (similar to a ZIP file) is more CPU heavy than the resampling from 50MP => 12.5MP, because that is a very quick operation, if it's doing 4 => 1 pixel binning. ...


Would 4 to 1 pixel binning (if it's happening) increase colour fidelity? Each S-sized output pixel could have had 4 inputs, true R,G,G,B instead of the single (Bayer-matrix) colour of full resolution RAWs. Or is the output still formatted as if it were just a lower-resolution Bayer matrix (only R or G or B recorded for any specific S-sized pixel)?

Any downscaling have to use the available data. You never add information when resampling to a lower pixel count. Skipping pixels would lead to more noise.

Ah, binning means "throwing away" then (using one of the 4 pixels?). I thought it meant "combining" (4 pixels into one in this case). It used to. Explains why quality is in doubt...


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