Should I go for the camera NX1 in 2022

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Re: Should I go for the camera NX1 in 2022

Wahid Khan 1961 wrote:

Hi Nathan (?),

I don't think the quality of for still photography has improved that much since the NX1 was released. Most of the improvements have been in auto-focus speeds, tracking and video. Non of them crucial to me as a landscape/scene photographer.

To the best of my knowledge the NX1 has no advantages over the NX500 for stills other than no EVF. I find that an EVF/OVF helps with stability when using larger lenses like the 50-150mm. Also better in very bright scenarios.

The NX1 has better video capabilities, but it sounds as if you, like me, do not care about video.

I'm not familiar with US prices for NX gear. 750 (USD) sounds a little expensive to me, however if it's really in mint condition and you can get a worthwhile warranty in the price then possibly a good deal.

In my opinion NX gear will get more expensive as the number of good/working kits on the market shrinks.

Best of luck which ever option you go for.

Thanks for your advice. I agree 750USD for a 8 -year-old model is quite expensive. Do you guys think 250USD for a functioned NX30 is a good substitution? Or I should wait for another NX500 if I wanna stay with my lens until they are all out of order.

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