Unexplainable colour shift when shooting almost the same scene

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Re: Unexplainable colour shift when shooting almost the same scene

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It's explainable if you were shooting under LED or fluorescent lighting.


This was during the day, sometime in the afternoon.

Were any interior lights on? They could cause a color shift even if daylight is shining through the windows.

To all, thank yoy very much for the replies. To be honest, this was the last thing I expected. Indeed adjusting the white balance whilst shooting may solve the issue to some extend. OTOH it takes a while trying to come close to the actual colour one is seeing.

@tom no interior lightning. It was sunny outside.

It is a bit 'frustrating' (and strange) when simply taking a shot of a bunch of flowers gets me such disappointing results. Anyway, seems nothing can be done about it.

Thanks again.

Rigorous color management is a tricky business. It requires calibration and control of many factors. If you are looking for subjective color management then I would recommend choosing a custom white balance and then tweak the settings until you get the results you want. Or shoot raw and handle color in post.

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