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Question for Z 14-30 F4 users

Started 9 months ago | Discussions thread
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Re: Question for Z 14-30 F4 users

I was critical of that review when it was first written (2019 I think?) and over time I think the evidence is overwhelming that this review is not giving readers an accurate understanding of the 14-30 lens (reinforced by your hesitation after reading the review).

My biggest problem with the review is the reviewer using anecdotal evidence (one lens) to portray the lens as one that has ongoing sample variation and QC issues. In the very early days of the release, it seems that there were a small number of lenses that suffered from poor quality control but Nikon appeared to have addressed that issue quickly and over time QC hasn't been an issue.  As of the last update on June 23, 2021, the review still portrays the lens as having QC issues.... in my opinion that is complete nonsense.

I'm also not a fan of comments like this... "Extreme distortion and strong vignetting in uncorrected images". That's about like saying you saw the HTML code for the DPR website and you didn't find it visually appealing. If you want to criticize the impact of distortion and vignetting then fine but just reference the impact to the corrected images.

Still, the reviewer bought a "good" copy of the lens and likes it.

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